Artist-run space 2017 | PANE Project | Sofia Ginevra Giannì — Lila de Magalhaes

[nemus_slider id=”68505″] — PANE is a kind of food full of calories and it comes in several types according with your tastes and urgencies, always with carbs. Now it seems to exists low-carb, but the difference is not remarkable. It is like a fake one. What is bread without carbohydrates? There are many kinds of bread, […]

Bubble Tea organized by PANE project

Il 14 dicembre, inaugura (h 18.30 – 22.00) la mostra Bubble Tea, organizzata da PANE project – in via Rosolino Pino 9 a Milano – “all’interno di un locale pubblico, dove lo spettatore coincide spesso con il cliente, e dov’è la vita a dominare gli equilibri di forza tra cose (opere) e persone”. Il nome si riferisce […]