Short interview with Mario Garcia Torres

25 Ottobre 2012

Short interview with  Mario Garcia Torres

ATP: How to ‘rethink’ Conceptual Art?

MGT: Conceptual art is an idea that described certain practices a few decades ago. A lot of works of art produced these days, come from those prototype ideas which have been expanded in innumerable ways. 

ATP: What kind of meaning give you to the concept of ‘new aesthetics of information’?

MGT: That is a concept from the late 60’s. The works of art that are produceded today which come from this geneolog are less dry, and greatly really on narrative. I would say, even that they are mostly more personal takes on information. 

ATP: What have you recently discovered through the research in the art of ’60 – ’70?

MGT: I always lear something about my persona, my surroundings, the contexts where I work on and with, even if I am researching an old story. 

ATP: Much of your work is built around the concept of ‘tradition’ when reviewing the history of art. What would you synonymous to the word ‘history’ and why?

MGT: Hum. I disagree. I dont think I can say my work is built around the concept of tradition. ‘History’ in this very same moment, when I read your question sounds like something public, institutional. I think there is ways to approach past events, in the form of an everyday conversation. That would be a way to mean the same thing in a different way. 

ATP: Is your work inspired by some artists?

Sol, Bob, Martin, David, Franz, Ulises, Richard, Don, Dan, Mel, Adrian, Lee, On, Steve, Julius, Rob, Ed, Carl, Al, Ad, Andy, Bruce, David, Chris, Richard, Julian, Stanley, Stephen, James, Rodney… 


Mario Garcia Torres

MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma / venerdì 26 ottobre 2012, ore 18.30

Il MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma e >DEPART FOUNDATION 

Terzo appuntamento con Una Storia: un ciclo di cinque incontri con altrettanti artisti di fama internazionale appartenenti a diverse generazioni, per ripensare il classico format del talk d’artista. 

Una Storia è un progetto a cura di Luca Lo Pinto.

 Dopo Marcello Maloberti e Olaf Nicolai, sarà MARIO GARCIA TORRES ad incontrare il pubblico romano venerdì 26 ottobre, alle ore 18.30 all’Auditorium del MACRO. 
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