OPEN CALL – Posidonieto: a symbiotic residency

Application deadline extended to June 15 - The residency is dedicated to Italian, Italy-based or Italy-related participants to intensify the local community of people investigating queer ecology, it will be curated by Zoë De Luca Legge and hosted by Fondazione Lac o Le Mon in San Cesario di Lecce, Italy, from Oct. 1 to 15, 2024.

Posidonieto: a symbiotic residency 
Posidonieto is an interdisciplinary art residency dedicated to queer ecology practices and is open to artists, curators, performers, art workers and researchers, and its program will be shaped after the participants practice proposals. The project aims to recreate a biosphere-informed and symbiotic environment, inviting participants to engage in knowledge exchange, collective unlearning, and slow-paced, communal activities focused on environmental humanities and care. The residency is dedicated to Italian, Italy-based, or Italy-related participants to intensify the local community of people investigating this macrotheme, and will be hosted by Fondazione Lac o Le Mon in San Cesario di Lecce (Italy), from October 1st to 15th, 2024.

The application deadline is June 15st, you can read more here and apply here.


Posidonieto is a practice-based residency aimed at recreating the biosphere’s symbiotic dynamics. Each participant is invited to attend the residency by sharing one practice related to their experience to engage in a dynamic knowledge exchange. As a result, a series of workshops proposed by the curator, added to those suggested by each participant, will form a daily program of slow and communal activities. Interdisciplinary practices, workshops and walks, moments of conviviality, and collective unlearning will all focus on environmental humanities and care. By integrating ecological principles into their work, participants will explore the interconnectedness of ecosystems. Through reciprocal interactions and mutual support, the residency becomes a catalyst for nurturing dialogues and a platform for promoting ecological framework in the artistic community. Fondazione Lac o Le Mon is an organization that welcomes participants with diverse backgrounds to question roles and disciplines, stimulating unexpected possibilities and slow-paced, collaborative projects. With its early 1900s farmhouse and sprawling five-acre park, La Casa Cafausica is the foundation’s headquarters. The two-story stone building comprises a large kitchen with a historic heating fireplace, three common areas, four toilets with showers (both indoor and outdoor), nine bedrooms with multiple beds, a terrace, and a walkable roof. The park includes an anarchic vegetable garden, a fruit forest, and a bonfire area. La Casa Cafausica commits to self-sustainable energy, water conservation, and zero-waste principles. The house provides essential services and is equipped with solar panels and a hand-dug 1800s well for water so that electricity and water use are minimal; a spirit of adaptation is required.

Artists, performers, art workers, writers, and researchers will be invited to La Casa Cafausica to share their work from October 1st to October 15th, 2024. Community activities may include (but are not limited to) performances, discussions, screenings, readings, etc. Priority will be given to proposals that acknowledge accessibility issues and require sustainable, affordable, and simple productions.