Imperdibile articolo su Bonami/Pittore

21 Febbraio 2010

(Photo: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage)

Nel sito del New York Time, 112 Minutes With Francesco Bonami un bel articolo del (ancora nostro) Bonami in veste di pittore mancato che, mentre incontra una giornalista, si diletta con colori e pennelli.

Diamogli merito del fatto che nella prossima Biennale del Whitney,
ci sono più artiste donne che uomini!

“When artists find out I was a painter, they’re like Nazi hunters, ” he says. “They say with accusation, with such anger, ‘You fucking bastard! But you were a painter! Like us!’ ”

I ask if he ever hopes to exhibit his own paintings again. “Nobody would want to show them, ” he says. But he doesn’t look concerned. Bonami dabs some walnut ink near the edges of my painting, then signs and dates the back, making things official. “So if you want to use it to buy an apartment one day, ” he jokes drily, “you won’t have an argument with my estate.”

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