Interview with Will Benedict | Fiction is a terrible enemy

[nemus_slider id=”64397″] — On February 10, Fondazione Giuliani in Rome inaugurated Fiction is a terrible enemy, solo show by Will Benedict, while just after few days Giò Marconi gallery presented The Social Democrat, second solo exhibition of the artist with the gallery. The latter, open until March 24, presents the most recent pictorial production of the […]

Interview with Allison Katz | AKA, Gió Marconi Gallery

[nemus_slider id=”53348″] For her first solo exhibition at the Gió Marconi Gallery, Allison Katz (b. 1980) created a site-specific architecture, installing her paintings among a series of triangulated temporary walls. By staging a series of revealing and concealing angles, the exhibition becomes a double path, allowing the viewer to experience contrasting visions within the same […]

Interview with Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg — Giò Marconi, Milan

[nemus_slider id=”47739″] English text below Il duo di artisti  Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg,  dal loro debutto risalente a 10 anni fa nella galleria Giò Marconi,  ritornato a Milano con una nuova storia da raccontare: un gruppo di guardinghi, ghignati, a volta sgraziati uccelloni tentano di rubare coloratissime pillole/caramelle sparse nei tavoli disseminati nell’ampio spazio espositivo. […]