An Extremely Short Interview with Gelitin

28 Gennaio 2014


Reading time: 30 seconds

ATP: What happened during your performance at 21er Haus in Wien? How did the whole idea come about?
Gelitin: It was a planned misunderstanding in a creative way. All in. What else?

ATP: “Hole” is a negative space. The artworks you present at this exhibition at Galleria Massimo De Carlo can be seen as a sort negative part of your performance. For your conception of art what is more important, the act of performing or the artworks produced during the performance? Could you please tell me more about this?
G: Never explain, never complaint.

ATP: I’d like to ask you my favorite H. U. Obrist’s question, the one about unrealized projects: could you please tell me about one of your projects that, for one reason or another, you didn’t realize?
G: Peace on earth.

ATP: Why do you like provoking so much?
G: Next question , please.

ATP: What’s next for you?
G: Provoking!

Gelitin. Buco 
Piotr Ukla?ski. Red, White and Blue 

29 January – 15 March 

Massimo De Carlo

(In collaboration with Matteo Mottin)



Gelitin - Buco,   Massimo De Carlo,   Milan

Gelitin – Buco, Massimo De Carlo, Milan

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