ATP LONDON Agenda — May

From the absurd and unstable semiotic of Sophie Jung, to the ambiguous terrain of colour interrogated by David Batchelor, May brings a whole host of new exhibitions and openings, spanning video, sculptural installations and paintings. ATP, in collaboration with Giulia Ponzano takes a closer look at the latest exhibitions to visit in London
16 Maggio 2017

Sophie Jung — Producing My Credentials
Kunstraum 14 Apr – 27 May 2017

Luxembourg-born performance artist Sophie Jung transforms the gallery space into a complex environment made of drawings, texts, sculptures and photography. A total work, with its hidden logic, where the art merge with the architecture of the space. Found and made objects cover the floor, building layers and layers of connections and different possible routes; just as in Jung’s performances, where words become vessels that are used to store many meanings at once.

Stevie Dix — England I love you, but you’re bringing me down
Rod Barton 4 May – 3 June 2017

Making use of spontaneous and informal gestures, combined with thick layers of colours, Stevie Dix presents a series of emotionally charged, abstract yet figurative pieces in the Peckham gallery space. Five oil paint canvases where anthropomorphic objects leave residues of human activity and obtain a personality of their own.

Kate Cooper — Ways to Scale
Vitrine Gallery 28 Apr – 18 Jun

Amsterdam and London based artist Kate Cooper brings a new body of digital photographic work to the Bermondsey Square gallery, all playing with the concepts of rapid development of digital media, performativity of gender, and representations of femininity. Through exploring the history and codes of visual merchandising, Cooper creates a space for refusal of the structures created within a capitalist system.

Kate Cooper, Ways to Scale - Installation View, 2017 - Photograph courtesy of the artist and VITRINE

Kate Cooper, Ways to Scale – Installation View, 2017 – Photograph courtesy of the artist and VITRINE

Sarah Pickstone — Other stories
CGP London 26 Apr – 4 Jun 2017

The exhibition brings together new works and selected paintings from The Writers Series (2013): the park, as imaginative place for play and discovery, alongside the exploration of the creative process represent the main themes. Pickstone’s landscapes are a versatile and liberating act of transformation, where the fluidity of the mind and the symmetry connected to reflection come together.

Patrick Goddard — Go Professional
Seventeen Gallery 28th April – 3rd June 2017

The gallery space is divided into three parts, each showing a new 30-minute film by Patrick Goddard: Gone to Croatan (2014); Greater Fool Theory (2015) and Tune into Sanity FM (2017), all in different kind of immersive environments. Goddart, currently studying for his DPhil at Ruskin College, Oxford, explores political issues of money, inequality and truthfulness in twenty-first century society adopting an ostensibility documentary format to explore his own complicity in these issues.

David Batchelor — PSYCHOGEOMETRY
Matt’s Gallery 26 Apr – 11 Jun 2017

The exhibition presents wall drawings alongside twelve new painted timber sculptures, all simultaneously vividly coloured and dark. Two and three-dimensional works which continue a dialogue on painting and sculpture, the artificiality and the city. Batchelor expands his interrogation on colours as well, not the one found in nature but the synthetic ones of the illuminated street sign and lurid glare of the nocturnal metropolis.

Patrick Goddard — Go Professional, Seventeen Gallery, London - Installation view

Patrick Goddard — Go Professional, Seventeen Gallery, London – Installation view

Sophie Jung - Producing My Credentials, Kunstraum, London

Sophie Jung – Producing My Credentials, Kunstraum, London

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