Art Texts Pics is an online magazine published both in Italian and in English. Established in 2010,  Art Texts Pics contains interviews, conversations, essays, exhibition previews and event agendas. The magazine covers both well known, institutional realities – such as museum exhibitions, established galleries and foundations – and alternative, young spaces.

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Cover: Cady Noland, Frame Device, 1989 – Pipes, stanchions, 12 walkers, 335.3 x 335.3 x 137.2 cm – Credit Line: Gaby and Wilhelm Schürmann, Herzogenrath, Germany; courtesy David Zwirner, New York. Image courtesy of the artist and David Zwirner Gallery

Cady Noland creates incisive works that challenge the American dream, suggesting that the ideal of upward mobility through hard work begets a culture of resentment in the face of celebrity culture and corporate influence on government. Many of her sculptures question the nature and origins of violence, power, and control and explore the ways in which fear can steer democracy. The construction of masculinity is one of the many topics that have served as subject matter for Noland’s work. Frame Deviceresembles a boxing ring and suggests a site for controlled violence as sanctioned entertainment with the potential for impaired mobility. Noland’s work resonates with social commentary, humor, and deeply held skepticism.