Summer Stuff #8 Hans-Peter Feldmann

5 Agosto 2012


Hans-Peter Feldmann

Until 26 August, 2012

Hans-Peter Feldmann rose to prominence in the early 1970s, for his expansive photographic series, which opened the door for vernacular images. Often presented in the form of books, posters, postcards and installations, these collections link Feldmann’s life-long fascination with collecting elements of visual culture.

Feldmann grew up in post war Germany, where the photographic image was scarce. During his formative years, he witness the expansion of images linked to a boom in consumer culture. His work from this time reflects a strong engagement with the type of imagery that surrounded him. His Sunday Pictures embody a set of clichés about happiness and beauty and are typical of the stock imagery found in magazines, brochures, posters and postcard.

For his exhibition at Bawag Contemporary, Feldmann presents works from throughout his career.

BAWAG Contemporary

Bawag Fondation, Wien

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