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NERO è una rivista trimestrale di cultura contemporanea – distribuita in Europa e negli Stati Uniti – e una casa editrice specializzata in libri d’artista, edizioni, e cataloghi per conto di musei, fondazioni e collezioni private. NERO si occupa anche della cura, direzione artistica e consulenza di progetti culturali e artistici.

NERO is a quarterly contemporary culture magazine – distributed in Europe and in the US – as well as a publishing house specialized in the production of artist’s books, editions, and catalogues commissioned by museums, foundations and private collections. NERO also works in curating, art direction and consulting for cultural projects and contemporary art.

Honza Zamojski /  Fishing with John

ISBN: 978-88-97503-27-9

Format: 17 x 22, 7 cm
Pages: 184
Language: English, Polish
Edition of 600 copies
Year: 2013

This publication is a kind of experiment stemming from the uniting of two concepts, that of the “artist book” and that of the scholarly study; it is an experiment wherein the artist avails himself of the pen and knowledge of others in order to carry out an analysis of the problem which is of interest to him. Zamojski makes conscious use of the power of the word ‘research’ in the contemporary world and plays with the freedom we attain as a result of observing the outwardly rigorous rules of academe. He perversely mocks political correctness and he involves world authorities in his meta-story. The book becomes a work of art just as the collection of photos showing naked women with fish becomes a field of scholarly analysis, while the academic nature of the publication means that the self-evidently chauvinistic dimension of the collection fades into the background.

Fishing with John,   NERO Publications

Fishing with John, NERO Publications


Names Of Numbers I / Taylor McKimens

Format: 24 x 33, 5 cm
Pages: 60 (30 tables) /  Language: English
Edition of 200 copies /  Year: 2013

A project by: Carola Bonfili and Valerio Mannucci

Design and type-setting: Francesco de Figueiredo

Names of Numbers is a series of monographic books of drawings by artists, intellectuals, scientists and people devoted to various other activities, curated by Carola Bonfili and Valerio Mannucci. The series’ aim is to consider drawing as a common language, often complementary or parallel to other forms of artistic or intellectual production. Each book presents 30 tables by a single author. The flexible nature of drawing, and its ability to manifest the representational capacity of the imagination, lead its uses to assume a variety of different forms: the drawings collected in this series alternately appear like diaries, studies, drafts, syntheses, memories, or even, simply, expressions of leisurely interest.

This first volume is dedicated to the work of Taylor McKimens (1976). Born in Seattle and raised in Winterhaven, California, McKimens currently lives in Brooklyn. He works mainly with painting and installation: starting from drawings he often approaches the concept of sculpture. This book collects 30 ink drawings that depict a series of characters and scenes typical of the artist’s imaginary.

Names of Numbers II Misaki Kawai

This second volume is dedicated to the work of Misaki Kawai (1978). Born in Osaka, Japan, Kawai divides her time between her hometown and New York. In addition to painting, she uses cheap, manufactured found objects to assemble sculptures of bizarrely stylised modern environments, featuring characters that represent both her real and imagined communities. The 30 tables collected in this book all portray the simple anthropomorphic figures that constitute the symbolic and graphic alphabet at the basis of Kawai’s large-scale works.

Names of Numbers III Thomas Braida

This third volume is dedicated to the work of Thomas Braida (1982). Born in Gorizia, Italy, Braida now lives and works in Venice. Though his preferred medium is painting, his works do not remain confined within the limits of the canvas but expand onto objects, furniture and architecture, often evolving into installations and sculptures. This book collects 30 sketches taken from his personal notebooks, all of which investigate ideas and images that lie at the source of his final works.

Names of Numbers IV Paolo Merloni

This fourth volume is dedicated to the work of Paolo Merloni (1974). Born in Bologna and raised in Rome, Merloni now lives in Paris, where he continues his career as an actor and painter. He has always used drawing primarily as a means of remembering and of fixing both impressions and states of mind. The 30 drawings collected in this book, dating from the early nineties to the very recent past, have been selected from his personal sketchbooks and can be seen as the graphic manifestation of both his inspirations and fears: from religious icons to historical figures to imaginary monsters.

Names Of Numbers I  Taylor McKimens

Names Of Numbers I Taylor McKimens


Elisabetta Benassi / The Dry Salvages

Format: 14 x 27 cm / Pages: 1672
Language: En / Year: 2013
Edition of 500 copies (including a signed photo)
Editor: Lorenzo Micheli Gigotti
Design: Francesco de Figueiredo
Coding: Roberto Arista

This book is a part of the project “The Dry Salvages” by Elisabetta Benassi, produced for vice versa, curated by Bartolomeo Pietromarchi: The Italian Pavilion at the the 55th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia, 2013.
The items published in this book are the 10, 000 largest space debris in orbit around the Earth, and have been selected by the artist from the public version of the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence Command) Space Object Catalogue started in 1957. They make up an unusual archive of the human presence in space. Since the inception of the so-called Space Race, more than 4, 900 space launches have led to a current orbital population of more than 23, 000 traceable objects larger than 10 cm.
The USA has a set of radars and telescopes it uses to locate pieces of space debris and collect information about their orbit noted on this book. The debris objects detected in this way are put into a “catalogue” that lists information about each of them. Some 1, 000 of these items are operational satellites. The rest are pieces of space debris, objects that no longer serve any useful purpose. In addition, an estimated 670, 000 objects larger than 1 cm and 170 million objects larger than 1 mm are expected to be in orbit.
This book is published in a limited edition of 500 copies including a signed photo by the artist.

Elisabetta Benassi,   The Dry Salvages,   Nero Publication

Elisabetta Benassi, The Dry Salvages, Nero Publication


Patrick Tuttofuoco /   Focus on his eyes

Format: 20 x 28, 5 cm /  Pages: 96
Language: En / Sp –  Year: 2013
Edition of 500 copies
Texts: Carmelo Di Gennaro, Riccardo Previdi,  Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Patrick Tuttofuoco

This publication documents part of the artistic research carried out by artist Patrick Tuttofuoco in his Berlin studio, on the occasion of the show “Focus on his eyes”, which took place at the Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid.
The pages of this book recount the intimate and experimental dimension of Tuttofuoco’s new sculptural phase, which tends towards a neo-figurative and indeterministic representation, the result of a dialogue between the singularity of individual vision and the fragmentary nature of collective imagery. Man goes back to being the unit of measurement through which to decipher all things: things which are, that they are, and things which are not, that they are not. The complex nature of the human being and its direct relation to the artwork, become a paradigm through which one may comprehend the world in a timeless dimension in continuous transformation.

Patrick Tuttofuoco :  Focus on his eyes,   NERO Publications

Patrick Tuttofuoco : Focus on his eyes, NERO Publications


Nora Schultz / avere luogo

Format: 19 X 27 cm. / Pages: 112
Language: Ita /Eng / Edition of 1.000 copies
Year: 2011

The catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibition by Nora Schultz avere luogo,  October 12 – December 31, 2010 at Fondazione Giuliani per l’arte contemporanea.
The final section of the catalogue is a special project carried out by the artist in collaboration with NERO. The 32 pages are part of a selection of over 2, 000 70 x 100 cm test sheets originating from the Marchesi printing houses, used for the print machines’ start-up. The layouts of the books to be produced are printed on these sheets, one on top of another. This gives rise to a series of palimpsests, characterized by a stratification of levels which, randomly overlapped, create abstract images of an almost sculptural physicality. Given that this special project is composed of recycled material, each one of these catalogues, in a limited edition of 1, 000 copies, is unique and original.

The catalogue includes a special project by Nora Schultz too.

Texts:  Barbara Buchmaier, Adrienne Drake, Nora Schultz, Josef Strau.

Nora Schultz : avere luogo,   NERO Publications

Nora Schultz : avere luogo, NERO Publications