Nick Oberthaler, curatore e artista austriaco classe 1981, ha invitato una lunga lista di ben 59 artistia a partecipare al progetto Drawing Quote! : una collezione di opere su carta dal formato A4 giunte a Roma dai luoghi più disparati. Ogni opera, come potrete leggere dal testo scritto da Oberthaler, è arrivata al Pigna Project Space in un shiping box standard della FedEx.

59 artists, from Amann to Zrnec…

a very subjective choice, neither a curated nor a selected show. the selection was obviously made by itself as i flipped through my adress book and selected some people very randomly to invite them.?The invitation was simple: a small work on paper, maximum the size of a fedex-standard shipping box, shall be sent to Vienna from where all the works together went off in the box to Rome. As there was no theme, neither a specific context for the show, I decided to “quote” each of the sent in works with pictorial references, from images I researched mostly in internet picture data-bases, wheter from art or any other context, and design a small magazine/pdf, which functions as a sort of “false/fake catalogue/publication” for the show, that adds a certain coherence and refers to the title of “(drawing) quote” itself.

Nick Oberthaler

Ecco i nomi degli artisti invitati: Tilo Schulz, Alicja Wysocka, Marius Engh,  Martijn Hendriks, Christian Schwarzwald, Lutz Braun, Isabelle Fein, Raimund Märzinger, Abdul Sharif Baruwa, Gelitin, Mahony,  Benjamin Hirte, Filip Fiska (Hartmann/Nordenholz), Agnes Schorer (Hartmann/Nordenholz), Chris Gönnawein, Robert Jelinek, Hugo Canoilas, Ezara Spangl, Rainer Spangl, Michael Gumhold, Lorna Macintyre, Shila Khatami,   Michael Kalki, Siggi Hofer, Sven Sachsalber, Kirstin Arndt,   Nadim Vardag, Thomas Fougeirol,   Kim Nekarda, Jean Baptiste Maître, Svenja Deininger, Aurélien Porte, WATP, Alois Godinat / Phillipe Daerendinger / Damian Navarro, Christoph Meier, Florian Nährer,   Julien Bismuth, Martin Laborde, Ute Müller, Steinar Kristensen, Frédéric Post, Lazar Lyutakov, Karine Fauchard, Herwig Weiser, Hans Schabus, Sarah Pichlkostner, Shanta Rao, Andreas Duscha, Georg Frauenschuh, Marco Bongiorni, Clément Rodzielski, Roland Rauschmeier, Nicolas Milhé, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Nick Devereux, Laura Amann, Dino Zrnec, Nick Oberthaler.

PIGNA PROJECT SPACE – Via del Gesu’ 84, Roma

Drawing Quote – PignaProjectSpace – 20 12 2012 – Foto G. Pastori