Mousse Publishing grew out of the demand felt in the sector for a new attitude towards art publishing. The underlying idea was to give avery collaborative project the originality, care and attention that have always distinguished our work as a publisher.

Founded in 2006, with Mousse Magazine, the firm works with museums, institutions, fairs, galleries, artists and curators, guiding each publication through each phase – from conception to distribution – and making sure that every project results in a high-quality, innovative, unique product, especially conceived for that client.


Doug Ashford: Writings and Conversations 

144 pages /  English /  12 x 16.5 cm

ISBN 9788867490752 / € 15.00 

Krist Gruijthuijsen, ed. 

Texts by Doug Ashford, Krist Gruijthuijsen

This publication represents one of the many spaces occupied by Doug Ashford’s work. As the first collection of his writings and conversations, it attempts to encompass the changing ideas to which the artist has subscribed over the past 25 years. Doug Ashford is a teacher, artist, and writer. He has taught design, sculpture, and theory at Cooper Union in New York since 1989. From 1982 to 1996, his primary artistic activity was as a member of Group Material, and since then he has gone on to paint, write, and produce other cross-disciplinary projects.

Mousse Publishing,   Doug Ashford

Mousse Publishing, Doug Ashford


Zin Taylor: Palms of the Fog

80 pages / English / Softcover, 11 x 19 cm 

ISBN 9788867490776 / € 12

Text by Zin Taylor

“Here we are, we’ve arrived on an island jungled with palm trees. Soaring thin trunks, crowned with extended leaves, sway in response to the traveling wind.” So begins the new book by Canadian artist Zin Taylor, a recount of the formative power of music, rock bands, record shops, zines and, mostly, fortuitous encounters. The fog, a metaphor for how elusive memory can be, in its in-between state, is “breath made thick, ” and the narratives collected by Taylor echo the structure of a generative cycle, “the ecosystem of the jungle.”

Des Savoir Bouleverses,   Mousse Publishing,   Milan

Des Savoir Bouleverses, Mousse Publishing, Milan


Des Savoir Bouleverses

72 pages /  English/French / Softcover, 17.5 x 25.5 cm

ISBN 978886749098 / € 18.00

Åbäke, Anna Colin, Vincent Honoré, eds.

Texts by Anna Colin, and Vincent Honoré.

Des Savoirs Boulerverses is a publication inscribed in Unsettled Knowledge, a cycle of exhibitions which has explored the propensity for artists to engage with knowledge from fields beyond their own area of specialism. This book and additional instalment concludes the cycle by taking one further step into the relationship between art, knowledge and specialism as observed in the three exibitions. It features the work of artists—Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, Aurélien Froment, Goldin+Senneby, Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet, Jochen Lempert, Marie Lund, Benoît Maire, Melvin Moti, Benjamin Seror, Simon Starling, Claudia Triozzi—who wears several hats (scientist, historian, economist, storyteller) and are committed to bridging art and other specialised fields of knowledge. Their practise entails borrowing methodologies from distinct disciplines, infiltrating disparate subject areas and collaborating with agents from further afield in the interests of new forms, new languages, new questionings and new readings.

Des Savoir Bouleverses,   Mousse Publishing,   Milan

Des Savoir Bouleverses, Mousse Publishing, Milan


Giovanna Silva: Libya. Inch by Inch, House by House, Alley by Alley

256 pages /  English / Arabic

11 x 15 cm /  ISBN 9788867490929 / € 20

Giovanna Silva, ed.

Text by Angelo Del Boca and Giovanna Silva

The book Libya: Inch by Inch, House by House, Alley by Alley is part of a series of publications about nations at war, or in crisis; conceived by Giovanna Silva, they tell the stories of different countries through photographs of their multifaceted landscapes. In the case of Libya, Silva has attempted to outline the architectural structures built by Muammar al-Gaddafi’s regime that were demolished during the recent revolution. Her journey started from Benghazi—the first epicenter of the revolt, as a city that had always been hostile to Colonel Gaddafi—and culminated in Tripoli, inside the bunker-barrack of Gaddafi’s residence. In this construction and de-construction of Gaddafi’s personality, Silva creates a parallel narrative relying on archival pictures she has collected over the years, depicting everything from a young Gaddafi surrounded by the politicians he did business with for years (who would later turn their backs on him), to images of his death, when he lay bleeding and knocked to the ground just like the architecture that embodied his ideals. The publication includes a conversation between Giovanna Silva and Gaddafi biographer Angelo Del Boca, who knew, inside out, just who the real Gaddafi was.

Giovanna Silva: Libya. Inch by Inch,   House by House,   Alley by Alley

Giovanna Silva: Libya. Inch by Inch, House by House, Alley by Alley