• ArtissimaLive - CONText Artissima, 2015, Torino
  • Art and Signature - #ArtissimaLive 2015
  • Art and Signature - #ArtissimaLive 2015
  • Artdependence Magazine - #ArtissimaLive 2015
  • Artdependence Magazine - #ArtissimaLive 2015
  • ATPdiary - #ArtissimaLive 2015
  • ATPdiary - #ArtissimaLive 2015
  • Fruit of the Forest - #ArtissimaLive 2015
  • Fruit of the Forest - #ArtissimaLive 2015
  • Terremoto - #ArtissimaLive 2015
  • Terremoto - #ArtissimaLive 2015
  • WIdewalls GALLERY NETWORK - #ArtissimaLive 2015
  • Widewalls MARKETPLACE #ArtissimaLive 2015

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#ArtissimaLive è una novità assoluta in un contesto fieristico. Il progetto nasce con l’obiettivo di dare visibilità e attenzione alle realtà e piattaforme web, in costante crescita ed espansione in quanto le modalità di comunicazione in tutti i settori si stanno orientando sempre più verso la promozione digitale. Mettere a fuoco un’area giornalistica digitale è un modo per dare espressione a nuove forme di scrittura e comunicazione legate alla rete: sintesi, rapidità e connessioni sono le caratteristiche che connotano i contenuti delle piattaforme invitate a condividere con i visitatori reali e virtuali un diverso modo di raccontare, mostrare e capire l’arte contemporanea. Questa nuova area media è da considerare come una vera e propria redazione ‘live’ dove le varie testate dialogheranno e collaboreranno per la creazione di contenuti prodotti nel week end della fiera. Concepita come una ‘working station’, l’area dedicata ai nuovi media potrà essere utilizzato per interviste a galleristi e curatori coinvolti nei progetti di Artissima.

Il team di Artissima si è dimostrato attento alle nuove tendenze, e ha voluto scommettere e dare spazio ai nuovi media e alle esigenze sia dell’editoria di settore che del fruitore di arte contemporanea. Come sfida o prova sperimentale, ATPdiary ha stretto una collaborazione con Artissima per coordinare e intensificare la collaborazione tra le cinque testate digitali invitate. ATPdiary sta promuovendo questa sezione … se hai delle proposte, non esitare a scriverci: atpdiary@gmail.com

Seguono le presentazione della testate coinvolte nel progetto.

#ArtissimaLive is something absolutely new in the context of an art fair. The project started with the aim to provide visibility and attention towards web platforms and online magazines, entities in constant growth and development just as communication in all areas is moving more and more towards the digital promotion. Focusing on a digital journalistic area is a way to give expression to new ways of communication related to the net: ability to synthesize information, quickness and connections are the main features that characterize the contents of the platforms invited to share with the public – both real and virtual – a different way to tell, show and understand contemporary art. #ArtissimaLive is to be intended as a real “live” newsroom, where all the online magazines will dialogue and collaborate for the creation of contents over the weekend of the fair. Conceived as a “working station”, the area devoted to new media can be used for interviews with dealers, curators and artists involved in the fair. 

Artissima team has proven to be attentive towards new tendencies, and decided to bet and give room to the new media and hence to the needs of both the publishing industry and the public of contemporary art.

Either as a challenge or as an experiment, ATPdiary partnered with Artissima to coordinate and strengthen the cooperation with five digital magazines. ATPdiary is coordinating and promoting this section, if you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to let us know: atpdiary@gmail.com

Here follows the presentations of the magazines involved:

Art and Signature  

“Art and signature is a contemporary art blog, based in Vienna. To talk about art is our true passion. We conduct interviews with artists, curators, gallery owners, collectors, institutions and fairs. Worldwide”.


Art and Signature - ArtissimaLive 2015

Artdependence Magazine 

Artdependence Magazine is an international online magazine covering all spheres of contemporary art as well as modern and classical art. The magazine features articles – event and book reviews – and interviews with artists, curators, fair directors/organisers, collectors, and other art world practitioners.  The magazine’s contributors come from the UK, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, and South America, thus providing a globalised perspective, which we are always looking to expand to new regions.  Our “Events” section in particular presents an overview of exhibitions taking place around the world. These events include museum and gallery shows, as well as an ongoing art fair schedule.

Artdependence Magazine has an active presence in all social media, and is currently read in more than 100 countries. The top ten readership countries include USA, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Canada, France, and Italy. The magazine’s weekly newsletter is free of charge, as is all the magazine’s content.

Artdependence Magazine has also expanded to include video content to accompany interviews and events coverage, allowing our readers to immerse themselves visually in the scene. 


Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 17.44.20


“Born in 2010 as a blog, ATPdiary changed from a personal platform, founded by Elena Bordignon, to a true digital magazine of contemporary art, open to different points of view. The magazine has good contributors writing from the major Italian cities – Milan, Rome, Turin and Venice – and is expanding to other cities in Italy and abroad. 

Characterized by a fast and immediate language, ATPdiary is a journalistic publication of art that reports projects, exhibitions, introduces artists, scrutinizing issues related to big or small events, in an unpredictable and often unconventional way. From great museums to non-profit spaces, from established artists and curators to young and emergent ones: on ATPdiary, there is space for everything. It’s a fresh look not because it’s only looking for newness, but because it’s promoting a new way to look at art”. 


ATPdiary ArtissimaLive 2015

Fruit of the Forest 

“Fruit of the Forest is a non-periodical magazine born as an iPad application in the spring of 2011. After four digital issues it was then published as a handmade limited print edition of 28 copies and subsequently in a limited print edition of 1000 copies distributed in the fall of 2014. Today itcan be found on the Internet where we can archive, share and at the same time constantly update ideas, interviews, essays, and articles. What interests us is relating an experience that translates into an idea, an object, research project, exhibition or production from a point of view that aims to unite scientific culture and craftsmanship in the same platform. Its interdisciplinary approach – art, design, fashion…  – revolves around a central and, for us, radiating core of visual and aesthetic research which is contemporary art. Fruit of the Forest is an experimental magazine without a stationary editorial space, published in English and Italian”.


Fruit of the Forest - ArtissimaLive 2015 

Terremoto Magazine 

“Terremoto is a quarterly online magazine dedicated to contemporary art around Mexico City and the Americas. Each issue aims to offer a transversal point of view on current practices, actors, and problematics of the region. Original contributions in English and Spanish are delivered each week, featuring the voices and ideas of the most cutting edge art professionals of the Americas. The ongoing blog section has existed since September 2013 and continues to feature a selection of contemporary art shows taking place in Mexico City and its surroundings: border states of the USA, all of Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Since its creation, Terremoto’s blog has featured more than 150 shows, and has been visited by more than 15, 000 unique visitors from more than 15 countries.

Terremoto.mx is a magazine published by Orlando, publishing house based in Marseilles, France. Orlando also publishes the feminist art & entertainment magazine Petunia, among other contemporary art production projects”.


Terremoto - ArtissimaLive 2015


“Widewalls started off with a heartfelt passion for urban art. Everything we did revolved around artists that fascinate us. They became the center of our activity. From this basis branched four segments that build the frame for Widewalls. We launched Widewalls with the street art intervention event in an abandoned ice-parlor on Mallorca. Our web segment was the predestined continuation of our urban art involvement. The blog and magazine sections feature the latest news from the urban art world. From this evolved a deep understanding of the art market, artist relations and media partnerships. The logical next step was to focus on our agency efforts as consultants, advisers and business partner. What derives naturally from the business side of art is commerce. Widewalls functions as marketplace for buyers, sellers and traders of urban art”.


Widewalls – The Ultimate Resource for Contemporary and Urban Art


ArtissimaLive - CONText Artissima,   2015,   Torino